<overload.love.Arcade> | 超载爱街机 2023

Overload.Love is an interactive installation that explores how digital technology carries emotional experiences and biosignals, providing us with a new perspective on the relationship between electronic devices and individual emotions.
With Overload.Love, spectators are presented with a digital environment that progressively becomes overwhelmed. The program is fueled by the heartbeat data of the participants, resulting in the emergence of figures that collide and interact with one another. As these figures multiply, they intensify the computational strain on the device, leading to program slowdowns and generating a glitchy visual style. This intentional overload serves as the artist's grotesque metaphor for the chaotic and irrepressible nature of love.

- Interactive installation -
- Game playground -︎

- Upcoming Exhibitions -
- “Who Owns the Truth”
Ars Electronica festival Linz, Austria, Group show Sep 5-10,2023