<overload.love> | 超载爱 2023

The unceasing longing in love consumes my mental space, which I’ve transformed into the logic of a game theater, Each beating produces lifeless data, clogs and jams, overloads.

- video, software(color,sound) -
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- screening history -
- //sense’s screeing,
Gene Siskel Film Center, 164 N State St, Chicago, IL (2023)

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A Jamming of Art Practices within the Experimental Theater
<overload.love.Arcade> | 超载爱街机 2023

Overload.Love is an interactive installation that explores how digital technology carries emotional experiences and biosignals, providing us with a new perspective on the relationship between electronic devices and individual emotions.
With Overload.Love, spectators are presented with a digital environment that progressively becomes overwhelmed. The program is fueled by the heartbeat data of the participants, resulting in the emergence of figures that collide and interact with one another. As these figures multiply, they intensify the computational strain on the device, leading to program slowdowns and generating a glitchy visual style. This intentional overload serves as the artist's grotesque metaphor for the chaotic and irrepressible nature of love.

- Interactive installation -
- Game playground -︎

- Upcoming Exhibitions -
- “Who Owns the Truth”
Ars Electronica festival Linz, Austria, Group show Sep 5-10,2023
<Crush studio> | 撞击工作室 2023

"Crush Studio" is a movable real-time audio/visual studio created by yiyi. The artist performs audiovisual performances on the move, interacting with the audience through a crash button on the front of the cart.
The artwork is Yiyi's emotional response to the immobility of traditional creative devices as it explores the performance potential of digital artists on the move".

- software(color,sound), interactive installation
performance -

- performance history -
“//sense”  experimental theater ,
MacLean Ballroom, 112 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL (2023)

Your input sucks | 你的歌好烂 2023

"Your input sucks" is a noise art installation that creates a unique auditory experience. It functions as a noise-generating device, producing sounds through the interaction of various components. The sound is generated by a 9-volt battery, which passes through a photoresistor and is ultimately emitted through a speaker.

The installation allows the player to manipulate the pitch frequency and volume of the generated noise by controlling the amount of light entering through the top hole and adjusting side knobs. This control enables the modulation and exploration of noise as a form of music.

The electronic instrument is meticulously designed as a circuit system, harnessing the inherent electrical noise produced by the audio signal itself. This approach delves into the potential of noise as a musical entity, separating it from traditional melodic compositions. By divorcing the medium of sound from melodic music, "Your input sucks" challenges conventional notions of musicality and invites the audience to immerse themselves in a raw and unconventional auditory experience.

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- Sound device / Electronic instruments / noise art -

Competitive park | 公园竞赛 2022

In the park, competitive relationship builds a dramatic stage feel. In the simulator, with no limits, this sense of staging can be infinitely enhanced and the competitive relationship could become infinitely intense.

I invite players to enjoy with me my observations of absurd human behavior and the aesthetic expressions therein, exploring the subtle relationship between absurdism and Internet culture

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- video(color,sound),1:40,1920*1080-