- Overload.love -
- 过载爱 -

- software (color, sound) for screen or projector / 游戏程序(视频,声音) ,屏幕或投影显示
- dimensions variable / 尺寸可变

we use “K” to Beat, we use “ J/I” to Look strong

"Love's unceasing desire occupies a vast mental space, which I have transformed into the logic of a game theater. Here, heartbeats drive the computer to overload, serving as a grotesque metaphor for my experiences with love."


The series is an exploration of game media in a contemporary context. The program is driven by inexpensive heartbeat sensors that trigger scene drops with high-polygon character models equipped with physical collision detectors, thus imposing computational loads on the computer. Stuttering, overloading, and frame drops become the main aesthetic expressions of this work.
Based on the game program and its fault-triggering logic, I have experimented with extending various media, attempting to trigger overloads through different actions and interactive methods to generate interesting dynamics.

- Past Exhibitions -
- //sense’s screeing,Gene Siskel Film Center, 164 N State St, Chicago, IL (2023)
- not.gli.tc/H, Chicago, IL

- interview - 
A Jamming of Art Practices within the Experimental Theater