yiyi is a digital artist, sound artist, perverted and whimsical user of game engines. He collects glitches and errors encountered in digital practices, using them as an expressive vocabulary for his audiovisual performances. By abusing physical simulations, virtual camera and internet symbols, he has found the sweet spot between glitch status and grotesque, reconstructing the visual aesthetic expression in digital art.

He has shown his work at Ars Electronica in Linz and performed at Elastic Arts, Notation, DADS, and Tritriangle in Chicago.

Currently, my artistic practice is focused on extending the use of game development tools in contemporary contexts. I am interested in how game media, as a technological means of managing digital assets, can act like glue to bind together internet symbols, media fragments, and digital technology metaphors. I explore how these elements create spectacles through manipulative sensation and visual impact.
Creating visual overload and chaos is a path dependency in my current aesthetic expression.. I often generate visual shocks by adding excessive computational loads that cause stuttering and layering of images, a process that excites and fills me with pride.
During live events, I typically wear an alien mask and improvise playing my game programs, manipulating and distorting electronic music with a controller. This is my main approach to audio-visual performances.
For the time being, I cannot objectively categorize myself within any specific 'ism' as meanings are always shifting. I believe the aesthetics in my work are a natural emergence influenced by my Gen Z identity.

yiyi 是一位数字艺术家,声音艺术家 , 狂热的反技术游戏引擎用户。他收集数字实践中遇到的故障和错误,将其作为他视听表演的表达语汇。通过滥用物理模拟、虚拟相机和互联网符号,他找到了故障状态和怪诞之间的最佳平衡点,重构了数字艺术中的视觉美学表达。

他曾在林茨的 Ars Electronica 展示过自己的作品,并在芝加哥的 Elastic Arts,Notation,DADS,Tritriangle 进行过演出

"目前我的艺术实践专注于游戏开发工具在当代语境下的延展.我感兴趣的是,游戏媒介作为数字资产调度的技术手段,如何像胶水一般粘连互联网符号,媒介碎片和数字技术隐喻, 它们如何通过操控感和视觉冲击制造景观.


我常在现场活动中带上外星人头套即兴演奏我的游戏程序,并用手柄操控信号切割扭曲电子音乐, 这是我目前视听演出的主要手段.

我暂时无法客观的把自己归类到具体的主义流派中, 因为语义随时会发生漂移, 我认为我作品中美学只是gen z 身份影响下的自然涌现."

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